bearing holders

I planning to build myself a muni frame and I’d like to know if the bearing holders can be bought ready made(42mm). I’ve built a few bike frames and when I became interested in unicycling I thought why not. The bearing holders have to be steel as this will be a cromo frame. Thanks all.

I would just use two sets of these, since machining them can be a real pain.

these are probably the best for the job, although you will have to use different bolts as the bearing holders are not threaded like their counterparts that are welded to the frames.

You may also take 2 pairs of these bearing holders, which are the standard bolt+nut type used on steel frames without threaded counterpart on the fork. The bolts have a special head that locks in the small slot of the bearing holder holes when tightening the nuts.

i would definitely NOT use machined holders, you will probably warp them considerably welding them on.

I wonder if you could use J-B weld. What do you think, skrobo? Would it stand up to muni?

no way.

They won’t warp that badly if you can tig weld better than a toddler.

What if you put bearings in them before welding with the expectation of never actually using those bearings after it’s cooled? Maybe a set old old or pooched ones?