Bearing holder question(maintenance)

I am almost embarrassed to ask this question, mostly because I am sure it has bean answered before. I looked through a couple of searches and couldn’t find the answer.

I was getting to goof around on my Summit today and noticed that one of the bearing sizers had slipped halfway out. It is split so it was half in and half out.

I actually found the answer to my original question, which was “Should I loctite the bearing holder bolts?” The answer is yes. Isn’t that correct John Childs?

Anyway since I have already typed this much, I might as well ask this. When I was putting everything back together the tire didn’t sit evenly. No matter what I did it was uneven. Finally I left the sizer out on one side and it sat perfect. I realized that the bearing holder wasn’t going to go on correctly if I left it off. So I cut it to about 70% of its original size and ground the edges thinner so it would tuck into each side of the frame w/o lifting the tire on that side. When I put it back together everything fit great. Then I started thinking… How come it was that much off? Did I do the right thing, or should I have looked further for some other cause? What do you much more experienced in Uni maintenance think?