Bearing holder fix

My Qu/Ax 36 disc has slightly larger bearing holders than the bearings and the disc rotor to frame clearance is minimal so it can touch if the bearings move in there holders under high torque I have tried tightening the bolts but they start restricting rotation when tight anough to stop movement I have used thin brass sheet to make the holders smaller which worked for a while but I noticed today the rotor touched a couple of times it took me a while to figure out it was the bearings moving I initially thought it was frame flex so my question is has anyone fixed there uni doing this.

If the disc is too close to the frame it sounds like the bearing is moving on the axle. Is there a spacer or something to keep the bearing from moving too far toward the the disc or center of the axle?

No, I haven’t. I have however massively improved the readability of my posts by the use of some punctuation.

That aside, two questions:
1.) Can you post a picture of where it actually touches, that would help clear things up. It’s not a very common issue you are experiencing, as far as I know.
2.) What makes you sure it is the bearing moving in the housing, and not flex in the frame?

If it’s not noticable while riding, I would probably not do anything. But what I would look into is trying to solve the issue by using a different disk, or straightening out the one you have, and maybe bending it away from the frame slightly as a quick fix.

Could use some commas like so:

Thumper, I agree that you should show us a picture.

The gap is less than 1mm I have filed the bolt head down a bit to give a bit more clearance, it is definitely the bearings moving in the holders because if I over tighten the bolts they don’t move, I have read on here previously someone fixing the same thing but can’t remember where, the rotor touches the bottom caliber bolt I am having trouble uploading a photo at the moment I to wish my education had been better but I was unable to alter my early learning experience and lack of opportunity I can only look with with jealousy the opportunity some people have as far as secondary and university education available to them .

Things are mixing up here.


  • you are talking on axial movement, between wheel (disc) and frame, right?
  • where do you have contact/rubbing?
  • first post it was the frame, last post you are talking on the brake caliper or bolt
  • please clarify, otherwise we can´t help


  • braas sheet form 1st post won´t help, your bearing holders are fine, as you can deform the bearing by over tightening (wheel stops turning)
  • it is unlikely that a bearing moves axial inside the bearing holder, as they have edges to prevent that, Also the clamping surface is large
  • might be the bearing on the axle. All spacers are in place?
  • if the disc is just sometimes rubbing on the brake caliper, go and adjust the caliper, all of current brakes use postmount. That is an easy fix.