Bearing Help

I don’t have the $30 to cough up for a pully puller for my bearings, is there any way to get them off without that tool? Thanks in advance.

get a cheap version at an auto shop.

Go to an auto parts store with a small machine shop (bearing press, brake turning) and ask them if they’ll pull them for free. Then do some unicycle tricks for them for their trouble. I got a pedal welded on that way once, long ago.

I don’t know how tight the bearings are on or if the wheel is still laced. Bury the axle in ice. Heat the outer bearing race with a torch and let the heat transfer to the inner race through the balls. If you’re lucky you can pop it off when there is still enough temperature differential to keep the axle small and the bearing large. Dry ice would be even better.

Best suggestion was koebwil’s.

you can get one for $6

$6 dollars I can do, thank you both very much. I Tried to get my chemestry teacher from last year dip the hub in liquid nitrogen, but she wouldn’t let me. The bearings have a large amount of permanant locktight that I put on there hoping they’d never have to come off.

Yeah, liquid nitrogen is fun stuff, especially for unicycle parts.

Another option is to take the wheel to a bike shop and have them remove it. Some bike shops have a bearing puller. It shouldn’t be too much to have them do it. Another option is to take the wheel to an auto shop and see if they’d be willing to pull the bearings off.

What we call a bearing puller is actually an auto parts tool for pulling off various pulleys and gears used in cars. Things like steering wheel pulleys and all the other various pulleys used in cars. So an auto repair shop will have one and might be willing to pull your bearings off. Another option would be to look around at local thrift shops or flea markets for a used pulley puller. Shouldn’t be too expensive.

both of those options would probably cost more than $6.

For the under $6 range a battery terminal puller might work. I saw one at the local hardware store today and it was under $4. Problem though is that I don’t know if the jaws would open wide enough to fit a bearing and I don’t know if the reach is long enough to be able to reach the bearing on a unicycle hub. If the battery terminal puller works it would be just barely big enough to do the task.

Has anyone tried a battery terminal puller to pull off a unicycle bearing?

I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work, with one like on that link. Doesn’t reach far enough or open wide enough.