Bearing Help

I was changing the bearings on my unicycle, and after pounding the new ones home with the old ones on top, I have encountered a problem: I cannot remove the old bearings. It would be quite swell if someone could see me through this delicate conundrum.

This happened to me and I just used a piece of wood and a hammer to get it off

Butter knife. Be care full not to pry to hard on the new bearings.

Something I do to get stuck on guitar knobs off, and has worked for me with bearings. Once you have a mm or a little more of space, you take a cloth, or shirt or something you dont use or need anymore, and wrap the edge of the shirt under the bearing, twisting it nice and tight so the shirt/cloth has full contact all on the underside of the bearing, and so there isnt an opening in the shirt for it to slip off the bearing.

Now, pull really hard.

Thanks for the tips, guys. I gently hammered a butterknife between them. Came off pretty quickly.

Your welcome.