bearing clamps, how tight to go???

I figured I just wanted the bearing clamp to be tight enough to stay on the bearing, but I actually stripped one of the bolts & nuts because it was too loose.
So just how tight should it be? Should the wheel spin as freely as a bicycle wheel (spinning for a long time) Should it spin for less time?
I am clueless so give me some help!!

I have posted this several times before. Ewan may have it in his maintenance FAQ’s.

With the main cap holder nuts on FINGER tight and the gap on each side of the holders equal, turn the wheel by hand and observe as it coasts to a stop. This is about how it should turn when the bearings are tightened correctly so remember what it looks like or about how long it takes. Now, tighten one side with a 10mm wrench evenly on each nut until it starts to bind, or coasts to a stop more quickly. This is too tight. Back it off until it just turns freely again. Now do the other side. This doesn’t require an enormous amount of precision and if you do more than two iterations you’re already getting too picky.

Re: bearing clamps, how tight to go???

When I brought my uni into the bike shop for them to build me a new wheel, I
discovered that they had super over-tightened my bearing holders. The bolts
were bent! I haven’t bothered to change them either.

I tighten mine more than most I think, but it’s so the frame doesnt shift around. my bolts are almost always bent/stripping. but of course that doesnt mean it’s good to do it that way for everyone…

i use skateboard truck bolts in my nimbusii frame they don’t seem to bends and break like the stock bolts.

i don’t think this is in the faq yet: ill update it when my brain starts working again after partying till 8:30am