Bearing cap torque

I’ve got a new Torker DX24 that has the cap type of wheel bearing (not lollypop). On the bearing cap there is a little label that says ‘maximum torque, 45 in/lbs.’ I used a torque wrench to take it up to 35 in/lbs. and the wheel was pretty well bound up at this setting. It was very difficult to turn and had a very ‘notchy’ feel to it. I started to back off on the torque and the wheel still had a lot of drag on it until I got down to 12 in/lbs. where it turned pretty freely but I could still feel a little catch in the bearing at one spot through a full revolution. I didn’t get a completely smooth and free turning wheel intil I got it down to 8 in/lbs. With the wheel off of the unicycle the bearings feel very smooth. I checked the bearing recess in the frame and in the cap and they don’t have any noticable irregularities in them. 8 in/lbs seems awfully low to me. I’m not up to a riding level yet where I’m doing any drops or anything but I’m still a bit worried that a bearing cap could fall off. Has anybody run into this? Am I living dangerously riding with the torque so low?

Torque settings aside, the main cap bearing holder should be snug… and not screwed on so hard you bind and then bend your bearings!

If the bearing holder is snug at 8 lbs so be it! Use locktite on the bolts and you will not have to worry about it falling off!

Re: Bearing cap torque

You only need enough torque to keep the bearings from moving in the
holders. If that’s 8 ft-lbs, it’s OK by me. Use blue thread lock
(Loctite or Permatex) or nylon insert nuts to prevent loosening.


Are you sure your torque wrench measures is in inch/pounds? Most common torque wrenches use ft/pounds. If you torque it to 35 ft/pounds, it would most likely cause the bearing problem that you mention.
I use a 10 mm socket on a 1/4" nut driver handle to tighten my main caps. With this setup, it is almost impossible to damage the bearings (unless you are the Hulk) :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m sure. I own a couple of ft/lb wrenches and had to borrow the in/lb wrench from a friend. From the feedback I’ve gotten here I’m gonna get them as tight as I can and still have the wheel turn smoothly and use a little locktite to make sure nothing falls apart. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Sorry if I insulted your intelligence :slight_smile: .

You didn’t. I always appreciate the advice I get on this forum.

I wish I would have read this about 3 months ago.I got a torker DX and later took it to a bike shop to see if it was tight enough they didnt have a tork wrench but the guy looked at it and said i had it tight enough(he was kinda yung and inexpeirenced).1 week later both bearings broke! Cost $40 to get new ones . Another bike shop guy(who I trust)said just barly tigten it up untill it stops wiggling inside the bearing caps.