Bearing/cap issue

My Summit has developed a grinding noise. In a certain position in the rotation, the outer bearing cover is rubbing on the cap. As I spin the wheel, I can watch it moving around. I have tried it both with and without the bearing shims in there, and nothing. I also noticed that when I tighten the caps decently, the wheel barely turns and the grinding is really loud. Ok, obviously back off on the tension, but then it gets to the point where the bolts are way too loose and the grinding is still there. I know something is wrong because I can wipe off the metal crumbs with my finger. Any ideas?

If you keep grinding eventually it won’t rub since all the metal will be gone. I think Kris also offered turning the spacers around as a solution to some problem, possibly this one. I’d try that.

Sounds like you might need a new bearing(s).

Get one of these,
and if they are too small use one of these:

Well, I’m not sure about the bearings. I can see where the cover is scratching the cap. I’m just not sure what to do about it. I mean, could the axle be bent? Even though it’s a KH hub?

Turn them around. Just try it. Or grind them down. It’s not a problem unless it stops the wheel. Just ride it and it will go away by grinding the disc down. Thats what I did. No more noise.

I doubt that. I think the problem is those aluminum dust covers between the crank and bearings on the axel. I had the same problem with mine every time I removed the bearing caps. When tightening the bearing caps, be sure to keep an eye on those covers and try to make them stay on the outside of the bearing holders. This will usually involve squeezing in the frame a bit.

Hope that helps

I have a summit and that happens to me if I’ve tightened the crank bolts too tight or the bearing housings too tight. Usually the crank bolt. Give that a try (loosen it).


Ugh. I have a KH. I’m telling you it doesn’t matter.