bearing bolt trouble

so i was going out for i ride on my dx and i set it down 2 mount and i hear a metal sound ring so i figured out that it was the crank that needed 2 be tightened after i took the frame off the bearings so i tightened the crank and put the frame back on the bearings i mounted and went off about 1 yards then a loud very loud click sounded and i was so scared that i had broke my dx bearings becouse UDC dousnt have any but on futher investigation i saw that the one of the bolts that hold the frame to the bearings broke right in half i called UDC and a lady named …i think it was rebecca picked up the phone and told me they would send me a new bolt …PHew i was scarred abit there

has this happend 2 any one before rebecca said that she had never heard of it happining


Wow the punctuation on that.


when i do any thing online i rarly use puctuation sorry

Be sure not to overtighten the bearing bolts. Search around for posts on main cap bearing tightening. There are a couple that will tell you how to do it correctly. Almost all local bikeshops overtighten the main cap bearings on a unicycle and UDC is notorious for shipping them that way.