Bad news…
The entry for “Bear” on wikipedia, now contains the word unicycle.

Soon we’ll take over the world!

why is it bad ?

Aren’t there many unicycling bears in the Netherlands ?
Here in Germany all bears could not read and so theay also couldn’t read those laws against unicycling Bears.
How ever, it must be two weeks ago when I saw the last group of arround 10 Bears on unicycles passing our village (maybe while training for the Laos Tour)

I think they would going crazy if they could catch a set of Munis some days :slight_smile:

Because soon we may be dead to stephen colbert

why were you looking at the wikipedia entry for bear, and where is it in there?
under what section?

obligatory warning statement: this post makes mention of animal cruelty

This reminded me of a ‘joke’ that I heard from a friend the other day. I laughed even though it may be cruel, but we don’t have bears around here and I’m wary of them when we go camping out of state (TN,SC,NC,GA,MI,ME,etc.)

Q: “How do you teach a bear to ride a unicycle/bicycle?”

A: “You nail it’s feet to the pedals and beat it with a stick.”

can’t answer your first question, but its under Other, and it says

Laws have been passed in many areas of the world to protect bears from hunters or habitat destruction. Bears in captivity used to be trained to dance, box, or unicycle, but it is now controversial to use animals in this way.

They also tend to live a bit longer in captivity.

…must be all that unicycling/juggling exercise :roll_eyes:

or because theres no hunters, they get food and water without hunting or foraging, the whole everything…

that made me laugh so hard

are you talking of bears or of unicyclists ?
(well in both cases I am on the winning ticket:D )

Click the link, search the page. It’s under “other.”

From the pattern of Leo’s posts, he obviously searches the Web for occurances of the word “unicycle” or similar words. It’s a word that shows up in some really interesting places!


I don’t think a bear has ever ridden a unicycle. In all my years involved with this sport, I have never seen a photo or read a written account of a bear riding a unicycle. I have seen a bear ride a tricycle (in the Moscow Circus in NY) and I can picture a bear balancing a bike. But their hind legs are pretty short and bears are not known as balancers. They’re great climbers, but I haven’t seen much where they balance themselves.

I have seen an elephant walk on a rolling globe, which was one of the most amazing feats of (trained) animal skill I’ve witnessed.

Wobbling Bear? You’re a cartoon, so you still count. Any comment?

Correct, I’ve finaly fixed that announced kind of webbot for it. Soon it will be running on an unicycle-website (have’nt made up my mind which place should be the best), so that everybody can browse the results.

But the amount of results is about 90 articles a day, so some selective moderating is desired. Especially when I’m not online for a day, or two, or three…

The very 1st person I showed it to, made 1 single click and hit an article on unicyclists that were practicing half a mile from his house, of who he did’nt know at all…!

I’ve seen 2 monkeys riding unicycles. And I have seen them performing many many shows. So now I regret I’ve never filmed it.

They were from France… is UNICON also open for non-human competitors?

Especially when knowing how much fear elephants have for falling!

Seems realy to be a legend at all.

There are many Books and Storys about those unicycling Bears and also a lot of paintings and teddys but not one real picture or story about a bear doing that. They always ride on things where they can place their Hands :slight_smile:

I’m more or less sure now that bears are not able to ride a uni even if there are a lot of legends arround that fact :slight_smile:

I’ve seen chimpanzees do it, and read about (and seen photos of) orangutans doing it. The first one I saw was a chimp at the Detroit zoo when I was maybe 10.

We haven’t had any requests yet. They might have trouble filling out the registration form. :slight_smile: If we have at least two critters who would compete in the same event, I’m sure the host can come up with a competition category for that. You have to have at least two for it to be competition, and (IMO) at least three to justify awards.

Yes, due to their massive weight, even a small fall for an elephant can probably be catastrophic. The globe has to be big enough for the elephant to fit on, but the bigger it is, the higher the elephant will be above the ground. Photo:

Why does it say I’m Forbidden when I try clicking on the photo above? It says this exactly:

You don’t have permission to access /cccp/pix/elephball.jpg on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/1.3.34 Server at Port 80

i like to eat bears… unicycling bears will have more protein… DOUBLE SCORE!!!

well my handle was not chosen out of fancy … I am really a bear!
half-kidding: the bear is the “totem” of my family and my first name is Bernard.
some people (with a wicked mind) say the similarities do not end there !:smiley:

Hmmm! If the think about the bear’s associal behaviour, one search one this forum and the french one will quickly show their wrong!!
As for any other similarities… Please tell me you don’t think about a particular bone much (male) humans might like to be equiped with:o :wink: :smiley: