Beach & trail...

From earlier today, and shot in HD. I love this song!

Like it! :sunglasses:

your ‘cable-cam skills’ keep getting better :P. Good job!

First trail reminds of the trail I like to ride near my house!

Thanks…I this is the first time I’ve seen you on the forums, even though you’ve been a member for a while. Or maybe your avater is just different…but it’s a cool MUni pic! Is that trail in Slovenia?

Thanks Ben yeah it’s tons of fun setting it up and trying new ways to do film with it. :smiley:

It’s a really rooty section of a trail that i just found locally…it’s been there for decades but not too well known. I found it by chance. :slight_smile:

Anton likes the video…

Anton like how you got some non-unicycle footage in there…

Anton likes the UCC footage, smooth…

Anton likes the music too.

I’m a member for a while, but i don’t post often.-And yes, I’ve changed my avatar, I think a month ago… :slight_smile: Yes It’s in Slovenia. :wink:

Btw. -I’ve sent you a PM.

Haha, thanks. Terry appreciates it! :smiley:

Ok thanks I just read your pm. I have pop-ups enabled, but for some reason I’m not getting pm notifications, and so I just check them manually periodically. I’ll reply to you later today. Thanks! :smiley:

Wonderful video Terry. You really got the Uni-cam shots smooth. I enjoy it very much.

Thanks Marty. I’m having fun just trying different ways to use this filming method. :smiley:

I liked the non-uni moments too…

Thanks Sean. There will be more of those moments. I’m in the process of story-boarding a mini-film, in the 30-45 range. It will be similar in style and feel to “Endless Summer”, but for our sport. :smiley:

Now that is something to look forward to!!!

Awesome!! If you take your time, procrastinate a bit, put things off for a while, get your camera and footage stolen, get injured and take months to recover, lose you memory and get lost in the bermuda triangle… you could probably still be first to put out a video called “is muni dead?” :smiley:

@Jkohse: All in good fun. :wink: Looking forward to both these videos now.

Haha! :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, one of my concerns is that YT has a 10 min. duration limit. Then my other thought is the challenge of keeping viewer interest for 30-45 minutes! At least for me, I find it difficult to watch any video for more than 5-8 minutes, no matter how great it may be. That’s ADHD for ya, lol.

So then maybe it might not be a bad idea to upload it in parts. But then again, people sit and watch movies that are 2 hours long! (I know, I’m not in that ballpark, haha.). So I just really want to put it together in a fast-paced manner, with lots of variety and fun bits. Plus I’ll include a segment on how I made my UCC, and show it being set up and all that. :slight_smile:

I tune out of most youtube videos over 1 minute. (And I’m guilty of creating some snoozers too). When I watch youtube I’m typically expecting a very short clip to get a quick rush of emotion, usually a laugh or shock.

If I’m still watching anything that lasts more than about 1 minute I think it probably falls into one of two categories:
Continuous Emotion
A video like this has a chain of new laughs, shocks, or awesome moments. If there’s a significant break in the chain, I might start skipping or tune out completely. It seems to me most of these kinds of videos last only a few minutes. A stand-up comedian act might be an exception, and sometimes porn.:wink:
Story Line
A video with a good story line can go on and on until the viewer stops only because he’s gotta get up and move around. I guess this is kind of obvious… this is how the movie industry does it.

I think it’d be difficult to make what I called a Continuous Emotion movie for muni successfully, because there’s usually not enough to spark emotion. I’m sure it could be done, but I’m not sure how you’d do it for 30+ minutes.

Making a story line would be difficult too. I could imagine the need for acting, and at a low/no budget everyone ends up mocking it. Then again, you don’t have to have a lot of dialogue to have a story. But still, as a kid I remember watching BMX Bandits, RAD, and The Search for Animal Chin. All fun sport movies with story lines. If the goal is a 30+ minutes movie that holds the audiences attention, this is your best bet IMHO.

There’s some advice you didn’t ask for. :wink: And I’ve never seen Endless Summer.:stuck_out_tongue: