Beach Coker ready for tunes & cruisin'!

hah that is so pimp


Good tune too.

Thanks yeah that was playing through the speakers connected to my ipod…they’re amazingly loud with little disortion. No bass/treble control though, but the overall sound quality is decent.:smiley:

Well, i’m outta here for some riding at Huntington Beach with Spencer and Evan, but I’m gonna try getting there a little early toso I can take my newly pimped out radial for a ride!

I’m not too fond of the speakers but I love the uni in general, nice caliper brakes. Why don’t you just ride with 1 earplug in though?

that is awesome

That’s great, but it really needs more cowbell.

No creative is a different company entirely.

Because that would be significantly less awesome. You don’t get the ladies like that. You need those speakers. Only thing I didn’t like was the flag, bit nationalistic for my tastes.

I love the speakers 'cause I can easily hear what’s going on around me and still enjoy the tunes! I love it when ppl comment on the music as well as the uni.:slight_smile: And the one-earplug deal just doesn’t cut it for me; I may be riding a “mono-wheel”, but I don’t want to listen to “Stairway to Heaven” in Mono…gotta have stereo. Yes, we need MORE cowbell!:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s funny cause the coker tyre is bigger then the 4wd tyre. :smiley: :smiley:

Rock on MuniAddict. :smiley:

Haha yeah that’s funny!


right…and they seem to be very nice ones!

I thought you were using the BMX caliper brake – why did you switch to the V-brake?


They work better and look cool! Only thing I hate is that you have to use those ugly hose clamps to secure the adaptor to the frame. :astonished: But the adaptor also has a hole in the center, so I added a bolt through the center just like the caliper, so now I can simply use plastic zip ties around the frame part. (blue to match the paint!:))

Yeah bottom line they are very much superior qualtiy to the caliper setup I had, and much more fine adjustments can be made. I think I will remove the T7 handle as I don’t like it much and it just adds weight and throws of the center of gravity. Besides, it would have to come off everytime I use my 36er for MUni, so it’s just simply unnecessary “baggage”.

Maybe if I were doing 40 mile+ road trips or something on that par, but it’s simply not practical for me. I’m going back to the “lean & mean” version, but I’ll keep the brakes. Anyone interested in the T7 for cheap can PM me.:slight_smile:

the sweetest coker in the friggin world!

i love you, and i love ur unicycle…wanna screw? no seriously i’m not gay…but i might be for you:)

just admit that you are gay justin. oh but sick uni terry

Psh, you say that because you want to steal my coker lol! Haha, I’m flattered…sort of.:smiley: