Beach Coker ready for tunes & cruisin'!

Just added a T7 and v-brakes plus some other goodies! Can’t wait to go for a good long beach cruise mon-yawna!:smiley:

Nice! I need save up for a coker. My friend has one and it’s so much fun.

full view:D

Something doesn’t look right about that coker. :thinking:

Such as? actually, it’s a radial deluxe–my bad!:smiley:

man, the ladies at the beach will be all over you like green slime on a contestant in an old nickelodeon game show

you guys remember figure it out?

Does the extra bar in the back behind the seat ever get in the way?
Nice the way you hooked up the ipod and speaker to it. Is it fairly quicck and easy to take on and off so you can ride when it is wet if you need/want?

Looks like i need a job. so i can get something like that. :sunglasses:

Yeah the ipod & speakers are on w/velcro for easy on/off. I just got tired of having to wear that stuff on my backpack straps. Now it frees me up a lot and I can hear the music better and easily access the ipod.:smiley: I can also have 2 water bottle cages on the t7. Uh, the bar in the back doesn’t get in the way, and I think it’s ther to maybe balance out the weight and also serve as a protective bumper of sorts for the back of the saddle.

Haha well said that was creative! :sunglasses:

But it’s truly funny that you mentioned the slime because I was slimed on a morning kids show (Red Rider) when I guest starred as a game show host! Among other things I even got to say, “A brand new car!” :slight_smile:

Haha, what’s next…a television?

Way to pimp your ride terry.

I’d be worried about falling with all that stuff on there.

Yeah I’ll just have to keep my speed under 25 mph haha!(Yeah right! :roll_eyes: ) My usual average down there is around 10-14 mph, which is really a comfortable cruising range for the beach bike path, but I like to slow down to talk with the ladies! :sunglasses:

That rear bar also allows you to lay the uni down on its back without it tipping over.

Im loving the ipod and speakers. Very creative!

Nah I tried it and it still tips over easily. If the T-bar in the back was wider it might work, but then it would get in the wway of mounting and dismounting.

the back bar is for the ladies or for the occasional roller skater person to grab on to for speed!!
dont fall id be pissed if i did cuse of the ipod!

I found out what it’s for; you tie streamers on the back! (I won’t be doing that haha!)


Pink streamers! (I’d do that)

If I had a T7, and I was putting water bottles on the handlebar, I’d put a water bottle cage on that back part. That would keep the weight of the water bottle close to the center of the uni and the water bottle would be out of the way of your legs.

Came up with the best compromise; A little mylar flag fluttering off the back handle that says “Uni Geezer” haha!:stuck_out_tongue:

Here we go…:smiley: