Be Street-Eddie DUCOL

My new vidéo of Street riding!
I’m very proud of this video!


I’m surprised not to have more comment here… :thinking:

People are speechless. Seriously cool video.


What I liked best is the almost complete lack of correction hops:D

I wish more had ambient noise.

That’s a lot of riding. How long did it take u to film?


That was unreal! You are probably the cleanest street rider I’ve ever seen. 3:50 was ridiculous.

wow superb video … saved it

Really smooth like one of Luke Collalto’s videos except with bigger hops.

Eddie, I dont think many people go on these forums anymore haha its an awesome vid regardless!

Oh man that’s video is awesome, I am like speechless after seeing this video.

Impressive riding to say the least! Nice camera work, too.


Awesome video! I really enjoyed it. Thank you


Splendid. Thank you for sharing.

WOW!! I’ve never seen that knee trick before. That entire video was incredible! Good job! I hope you’re sponsored.

Excellent video and composition. You’r riding is very cool :smiley:

Can’t believe I missed this when it first came out, it’s possibly the best uni video I’ve ever seen. Too bad the aspect ratio is wrong…

I work actually on “Be street II” :slight_smile: