Be Pro-Uni!

Some of you old-timers may remember a while back I had a bunch these bumperstickers (original concept by JJuggle/Raphael) made up as a fundraiser for the Hell on Wheel gang, to help pay for travel to uni-events and whatnot.

Well, 4 years have past, another US presidential election looms, and while the gang’s kinda defunct, I could use a little help with my RTL expenses.

$3 shipped, anywhere in the US ($2.75 for each additional).
International orders: I’ll figure out cost case-by-case.
I’ll take orders via paypal or check in the mail.

Send me a PM and I’ll give you my paypalable email or mailing address.

Show the world that you support pro-unicycle legislation!
Show the anti-uni lobby what they’re up against if they want to see their president in office!

univote.pdf (3.77 KB)

Nice, I got a good laugh. If you make one next election I will get one.

Hey, could you send me a JPEG for my background XD prefferably 1280x800 res if possible. Thanks :smiley:

I will cover shipping if you send me an envelope full.

Ok, I’ve placed an order for 250 bumperstickers and should have them toward the end of next week. I’ll have your orders in the mail the same day I get them. Here’s a jpeg version.

I don’t use the PM feature. If you drop me a quick email I’ll work out a price with you for a half-dozen stickers or more…

Wow…they got here way faster than I expected.

“I unicycle, and I vote” bumpersticker

Send me $ and an address, and I’ll drop them in the mail tonight or tomorrow morning.

Just PM me for my paypal address.

How do these guys hold up in the weather? Specifically sun. Some bumperstickers last a long time, while others are only good for half a year or so. If they aren’t “rated” for outdoors, they’re only good for about a month out here.

If their track record is good, I’ll be sending you a check based on your email to me. :slight_smile:

Mr. Foss, always the skeptic.

I ordered them from, which is the same supplier I used four years ago, since they specialize in “small” orders.

On the last ones I noticed the red begin to fade a bit after 8 or 9 months, but was still readable after a year. So they should get you through the election alright.

Perhaps $3 is a tad pricey. How about this:
Orders of <10…$1.50 each + .50 shipping
Orders of 10 or more…$1.25 each + whatever it cost to ship them