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Clown pleas for return of stolen unicycle

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18 February 2003
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THIEVES have caused the tears of a clown by stealing a unicycle from outside his home in Bedmond.

Mr Gordon Sharp, otherwise known as Sonny of the Sonny and Rainbow double act left his unicycle on his drive in Bluebell Drive after unpacking equipment from his van.

He said: "I live in a cul-de-sac, opposite some open fields and it’s always been completely safe.

“I left the unicycle in my drive while I walked the dogs in the fields for fifteen minutes and when I returned it had gone.”

Mr Sharp is upset about the theft because the 9-year-old unicycle has great sentimental value and was the first piece of equipment he bought to launch his career as a clown.

As a party trick for his plumbing partner’s wedding reception, Mr Sharp joined a club to learn to juggle. Whilst at the club, he met people who could unicycle and decided to learn this and put on a whole act for Mr Gary McBeth.

He said: "I dressed up and it went really well Gary didn’t know who it was.

"Then I joined a clowning society and realised I had a lot to learn to develop my skills.

“A year later I had my first show and Gary decided to join me in clowning and we became Sonny and Rainbow.”

The pair are now full-time clowns who perform at theatres and children’s parties across the country and have received awards for their work.

Mr Sharp said: "It is frustrating because the unicycle is only worth (GBP)90 and the thieves can’t even ride it.

“But it is important to me and would mean a lot if I got it back.”

Have you spotted a unicycle? Anyone with information should contact Mr Sharp on 01923 290005.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

you sould never leave anything thats not nailed down and you dont want stolen for 15min.

I usually don’t nail down my car while I’m at the mall…

sorry. :wink:

thats cause your car usally has the parking enforcment boot on it.

sorry :slight_smile:

Something similar happened to a friend of mine, He had his parents take his car into the shop over the summer while he was out of town (unicycle in the boot or trunk). When he got back he opened his trunk to go for a ride and it was missing.

We havent seen the uni since.

Savages in this world I tell you, savages.


That only happens to other people… never me. :smiley:

Re: Be Nice!

That’s a sad story! I learned to ride on a 20" Shwinn 15 years ago. I have since worn it almost completely out! It still rides but is not very smooth. On the surface it is practically worthless now, but since it’s my original baby that I learned on, to me it is priceless!

I hope your freind gets his Uni back!!

I’ve always wondered: Why would anyone take something that they probably can’t ride? I mean, I’m not going to steal a skateboard any time soon. ( I’m a total klutz on a board. What can I tell ya, I’m a county kid)

That poor clown. Oh well, now he has an excuse to buy a new £1000 uni. :smiley:


Me, personally, whenever I leave my unicycle outside, and remember its out there, I am completely freaked about a little man dressed in black stealing my uni. My parents lived in a pretty rough place and are always telling me never to leave my stuff unattened. So because of that I am always paranoid about the wherabouts of my things and if they are outside.:frowning:

I’m the same way. I left my Uni in my front dorrway, and when I went to bed I couldn’t stop thinking about it getting stolen so I got up and moved it… I hope he finds his Uni.


Because it wasn’t nailed down. Sad, but true.

Besides, who says the thief can’t ride it? But that’s beside the point; it’s not theirs! :angry: