Be careful what you wish for: Kalamazoo local unicyclists

As I’ve gotten the courage up to unicycle around parts of Kalamazoo, I’ve heard several people share they’ve met or know of other unicyclists in the area.

I wonder where are you all? Would every consider riding the city park paths or Kal-haven trail with a basic, basic skilled rider on a 24 inch uni? I’m good for about 3 miles or so… less if the temperatures are above 90 and the humidity feels like it :smiley:

pm me and lets do it. (btw zoo city rocks!!!)

More likely that your other local unicyclists can be found on Facebook or a more widespread social media outlet. A lot of unicyclists still don’t know this gem of a site exists!

John, if only I was a part of the facebook generation…but I have no self control with that type of media, so don’t do it.

Don’t worry, the “FB generation” has none either as they live and breathe through FB only.

(If only I was just trolling… :roll_eyes: )

I am frequently seen unicycling around the Millwood neighborhood on my 20 inch. I get out around twice a week for two or three miles each time. I have ridden the Bicentennial trail in Portage a few times also. Zoo City is my favorite LBS!

Several years ago I was at a conference at Western Michigan University and had a chance to ride the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail in October when the leaves were changing. One of the prettiest trails I’ve ever ridden. If you’re making it three miles at a go, try this trail out in sections. Flat and hard crushed gravel for 35 miles.

The Kalamazoo region has multiple trails which have been a delight to travel. The Kalamazoo River Valley Trail is one of several urban paths. These paths connect to a state trailway from east to west, Great Lake to Great Lake.

Some of the paths contain ancient trees and unique foliage. Even better, the Kal-Haven trail contains very unique trees and plants, the result of the long retired rail system bringing seeds from disant locations and many of them taking root and growing over the decades.

In the fall the colors are a riot; violets, pinks, reds, yellows, greens, brown, it has to be seen to be believed when the weather cooperates.

Its been my goal to sample as many of the trails I can this year. I’ve been keeping a photo log of most of them. If I can figure out how to post photos I’ll get them up.

Many of the unicyclists I’ve heard of in Kalamazoo have no idea unicycles could actually ride a distance and that it would be fun… I Really want to get together a ride through this beauty getting the local riders together.

I used to be the most prominent rider in kzoo from fall 2004 until spring 2007 (my stint at WMU).

Trials guy anyway. The WMU police and PS left me alone. Never had an issue. Never had issues with people when riding to class either. Only at nights (which were sadly the best riding times other than all weekend) did people pick. Probably after a night of boozing. Once a group by the valley’s tried to hold me and push me off. They were impressed i didn’t fall off. I really wanted to make them all get hit in the face with pedals pins…

I was super active on here from 2001-2007, and never once found people through here to ride with in all of SE and SW michigan. Once, Ryan Atkins was going to meet with me and ride in Flint. Another time, I was supposed to do a spot in ‘Inner-balance,’ doing rock lines alone lake st claire. Every scheduled shoot was a wash out. My seat broke and I was waiting for a scott wallis base during NAUCC in Bowling Green 2005. Didn’t get to ride with Zach Baldwin, but did meet Spencer in Saline for NAUCC 2007. Rare treat to get to ride with tons of other people for the first time ever. (Was not yet riding when NAUCC hit my home town Adrian Mich twice in the 90’s). Trained a kid down the block. Mostly had to ride alone, or with trial bikes (who would get frustrated that my ups and gaps were beating theirs).

Hope you find people to connect with. This has always been a solo adventure for me. In Toledo now.

Either way, West Mich is gorgeous. Some of the best falls I’ve seen outside New England.

Seems strange to hear there are close to a dozen riders here in town, but I’ve never seen them. I’ve two friends I’ve started who can free mount fairly consistently, but they’ve not built up to doing distance yet.

TrialsUni, I’ve heard other people talk about the guy riding a unicycle on campus in the past. I’m believing that was you. There is a new unicycle rider on campus again this year. (what is this? WMU only has room for one unicyclist at a time?!) Seems unicyclists while unexpectedly sighted in the wilds are about as common as unicorns here in Kalamazoo.

I have made contact with a unicyclist open to riding, but he’s an hour away. I’m hoping maybe I can not be on call and go up to Grand Rapids this fall if I can’t get him down here…

Hi Ben,

I really enjoyed the “umbrella ride” with you through Bishop’s Bog Preserve today!
I got the unicycle dried off and cleaned up this evening.

Funny how I replied to your thread over a year ago and we get introduced this year through my neighbors!