BD Ride - Aspen, Co.

Don’t mean to duplicate the thread, just replied to the happy bd thread on JC, but here it is anyways, different but the same.
My standard Bd ride of the recent past was snowed out today, didn’t feel like the 20+ mile adventure in blizzard conditions. So, I opted for a shorter ride, and a longer massage instead. The ride is very popular around here, and is used mostly for accessing longer rides. It is the quick way out of town to the north, Smuggler rd, which is a non-maintained forest service road that leads to some nice trailheads and a couple of private homes along the way. I have sent pictures from this road before, but as you know, the scenery is different every time we go up. Yesterday was 65 degree’s and blue bird sky’s, today was 35 degree’s and frozen precipitation. Hell, Denver dropped almost 45 degree’s with this same storm. Woke up to snow and more snow. The valley floor is peaking with color, mostly the cottonwoods and lower aspen tree’s. All the high aspens have fallen with the cold and snow this week. The Fall has been really awesome, this is our 4th weekend of incredible color, starting in the high country, and now in the low valley. Add snow to the mix and the scenery is spectacular.
My ride was up Smuggler, a 2.5 mile 1200’ foot vertical climb. I had the road to myself, a nice suprise, as there are usually dozens of hikers and dogs. I would ride till I saw a photo oppurtunity or until my heart said stop. 30 minutes later I reached the platform, but not until I got to play in some fun mud first. The view from the platform looks towards the Elk Mountains, which today were immersed in snow, and the town of Aspen in the valley below. A special spot to meditate and just be. A few photo’s later and off I went spinnin down the road. It is getting a little washed out these days, so it made for some fun riding. That 3.0" tire is so awesome when you hit the air pressure right. It just rides so smooth over the varied landscape. Reached the car, and realized that I was late to my massage, shame on me.
My wonderful wife had arranged a “Rain Drop” sweedish massage for my birthday. An 1 1/2 hour massage, ahhhh. I must say it was the nicest massage that I have ever gotten, I say that after every massage though. The rain drop part was intense as she gingerly dropped essetial oils onto my spine area. This was after she worked it over big time. Then, a hot wet towel was applied to my back and a blanket on top of that to keep the heat in. This was kept that way for about 30 minutes while she worked my legs. The oils penetrate deep into the tissue and do their work via the blood stream. A rather relaxing 1 1/2 hours for me, I certainly did not want to move very fast after that. So I didn’t, I took it easy the rest of the afternoon.
Life and unicycling rocks, and so does gilby for putting this on! Cheers to all. :smiley:

An early fall day in Aspen!

Nice write-up Mike, and congrats on a well-spent birthday. A ride with those colors followed by a nice massage…that’s about as good as it gets.