BD MUni Ride- Scout Trail, Glenwood Springs, Co.

Yesterday on my BD, I opted for a lower elevation MUni ride, as my normal BD ride, Sunnyside Trail was most likely covered in snow up high. Glenwood Springs is 40 miles downvalley from Aspen, and is famous for its hot springs and Glenwood Canyon. The scout trail, if ridden as a loop from Glenwood, is about 20 miles long. It starts with a few miles of paved trails, then goes into steep dirt climbing for a few miles, then steep jeep roads for another couple miles then you top out. From there it is 8 miles of heavenly sent singletrack that traverses the high south rim of Glenwood Canyon. It soon becomes a traversal that winds in and out of gullies, with occasional exposure to steep drops on the right. It is forested for most of the way, protected from the heat, and is remarkably narrow and well-constructed. Leaves slapped me in the face, low hanging branches grabbed my helmet, and occasional clearings exposed spectacular views of the stony cliffs of Glenwood Canyon. This trail is sometimes advertised as a ride along the top of the canyon, but it is not a barren trail on the edge of a cliff; rather, it is a wonderfully narrow trail through the woods.
There are some big exposure sections, some tight overgrown sections, but it is mostly buff single track. I got off course a couple of times, but ended finding my way, and loving all 4 hours of it. It’s about 1000 meters of climbing, and 20 or so miles in distance, of which 16 is dirt. I saw 0, zero, people on the trail, what a treat that was :smiley: Peace


Happy Birthday Mike!! And congrats on yet another epic ride with views to drool for. Seattle’s nice, but I hope I get me back to settle in the intermountain west before I’m too old to ride. In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for reading every thread you post.

Pedal on!

Thanks Tom! This is No Name Canyon - a side canyon to Glenwood Canyon. The Colorado river runs through Glenwood Canyon. This is the side canyon that comes in from the right side, in the first picture of this thread, where that nice green area at rivers edge is.

Wow, love that second picture.

:astonished: What a view from the 1st picture. :astonished:

Hey, Aspenmike just wanted to say thanks! I saw you in the Denver Post a while back and that finally got me to get on craigslist and get my first unicycle. It has been a blast learning and I can’t wait to upgrade to a Muni.

Thanks again

Ride on

Great shots!
I’ll have to try that trail.
I like to end up in Glenwood Spgs and hit the Vapor Caves after a nice ride.

Colo is gorgeous right now. My favorite time of year!

No problem surfcolorado, glad you are having fun with it. You live in recreational mecca, and the uni is an excellent way to see this awesome state. Keep working hard.

Here are a couple of other pics from the ride, it was really beautiful.

Scout Trail BD ride 07' 05001P1060669.JPG


Scout Trail BD ride 07' 04001P1060586.JPG