BCing questions on rim and hub?

should i get a 48 hole rim or 36 hole rim (24")?
and is a 14mm sealed (hazard) hub or a 20mm sealed (spindoctor)hub better?

go the hazard hub

hazards good. heavy…but good. The 20mill is going ot be stronger, but your going to need addapters to fit a 9mm bolt on into 14mm holes.

Definately get the hazard unless you are making a disc bc like Evan.
The number of spokes doesn’t matter too much.

So would this be a good BC?
Halo Combat Rim 37.4936 USD
hazard hub 49.99 USD
Sapim 14g spokes 16.99 USD
twin rail wheel 24.9916 USD
Total: 129.4652 USD + shipping
and about how much would it cost for a local bike store to build it?

What is a twin rail wheel?

It sounds good. I think most bikeshops I have called charge about $50 US. You still need some plates too, are you making them?

Twin Rail Wheel its made by halo so it will fit the halo rim

no i would if i could weld but i havent learned how yet. :roll_eyes:
im not sure about pates yet i pmed ntappin but havent heard back so i might get those or have someone weld me up someor fingd something else? i dont know yet but i have time cause i wont have enough money till around christmas. seeing as i have to spend 180 dollars to get a tune up on my motorcycle.

and how much is it if they just have to true it?

ohhh, a 24"? sweet.

That green tire looks cool.
Bikeshops charge different amounts to true wheels, call some local ones near you. It will definately cost less if you lace it and get someone else to true it.

yeah that sounds good thanks

My LBS trued my wheel for 10 bucks.

Hehe I’m on a sig:D Whoa I had now clue there were making 20mm hubs :astonished: Must weigh a ton.

My LBS builds a wheel for £25 but will true a built but untensioned wheel for £7, it’s well worth building the thing yourself.

They arnt solid axles. They are just tubes. Much lighter than a 14mm axle and many times strongrer

I jsut might have to invest in one of those. Any specific brands that you might suggest.

Why would you want one? You won’t break a 14mm axle. Evan has a 20mm axle on his disc bc but just because it accepts the disc and he liked how it attached or something. They are much more expensive too.

I have an atomlab GI. Its cool, and very cheap. i found them for a scary low price too. unrealcycles.com. Check it.


Unrealcycles.com, Atmlab GI hub - $45.00

Danscomp.com, Oddyseey hazard- $50.00

I thought you told me the hub was 85.

Danscomp.com- Oddyseey Hazard- $49.99

Ride-This.com- Marzocchi QR20 disc front hub - $61.99 $12 Differnce

Ride-This.com- Dimension 20mm front hub- $59.99 $10 Differnce