BCing and checking my SJ4000 cam


Just BCing and checking my SJ4000 cam. I had to get use to the extra weight in front of me, but it was pretty cool :slight_smile:

Have fun,

Nice BCing and cool video.

Thanks for your comment! Next time I’ll try it with the helmet mount and extension, my hands plays crucial role balancing me on that wheel :slight_smile:

Have fun,

Nice video and good job on the BC wheel!

I’ve done some fun projects with my GoPro, but it’s been challenging with a unicycle, and I don’t want to hold a selfie stick. Shots where the camera is attached to my head or chest aren’t that much fun to watch either, and attempts at attaching it to the unicycle aren’t very practical, so I know what you mean. I do have a longer extension to go between a mount and the camera, but it tends to be unstable and bouncy. I guess I could buy a stabilizer for it, but those are expensive, and I’m not sure it would resolve all the issues. It’s a challenge for sure! Kudos for you for holding on to that thing while balancing on the BC!

Thanks Bradford!

So I guess that I need Drone that can follow me by my location :slight_smile:

Have fun,

That would be awesome! I met a guy in my neighborhood who took some GoPro footage of me unicyling through the park using his drone, and that was very cool. The video looked great, but he spent a fortune on the setup. I’ve you’ve got the shekels and the passion for making videos, I think it’s a great tool to have.

Amazing video!