Hey here are some shots of my BC, my dad and I made together, it is extremly hard to ride, but intill i get the new seat, im gunna try to learn how to ride it. any tips, or is their anything wronge with it?

202a.bmp (576 KB)

203a.bmp (576 KB)

204a.bmp (576 KB)

205a.bmp (576 KB)

206a.bmp (576 KB)

207a.bmp (576 KB)

i have never riden one so this is just speculation but i think it would be much easyer to ride if you had solid plates to put your feet on instead of petals. the extra hinge in the petals would make it very dificult to keep it under you as you would not be able to shift your weight to the front or back of your foot. BC is something that i would like to try someday but have never gotten around to welding up some plates.

good luck

Buy some proper plates, Its worth the money. They way you have pedals are your foot platform is going to make it much harder to ride because your feet can tilt back and forth, and probably slip off. A new wheel wouldnt be bad either, people say 3/8ths axles bend with just general riding. Btw bc wheels don’t have seats.

kk thanks, ill talk to my dad bout it lol. He says he can make the platforms, he just hasnt gotten around to it.

my dad was wondering if anyone knew where we could get a 1/2 inch axle, is tht the rite size? and if do you know where?

Then just making the things you stand on, should they be able to move from eachother, or stuck together, and should i make like 3 holes in it like the pictures, anyone have the dimentions of the thing you stand on lol, cant think of the word platform?

kk it would just be nice, because getting into BC, i think itll be a lot of fun, ive ridden mine 50 meters, but it is almost impossible to ride, plus the axle on it is bent.

also on the BC, wht size of wheel would ou recamend 20 inch?

Would a 14 inch wheel work for a Bc? My dad has a 3quarter axle on it. Then we could make the plates for it tomarrow or the next day.

Would tht work?

shoot, i just saw the wheel in our garage, it is wayyyyy! to small.

so 20 inch wheel is wht i want to go for right?

14mm axle 20 or 24 inch wheel.