hi, im thinking of assembling a 20" bc. my lBS has a 20" wheel for $70 that has a sun doubwall rim, alot of spokes, 14mm. axel, and some fairly good hub. that + this tire. would that be a good bc setup. plus some plates of course.


would that setup work?

the link to the tire just goes 2 danscomp. the tire that i would be using is called the Animal ASM tire. it is pretty much all slick so it seems really good.

Would it be a good setup? Yes.

Would it be a good bc? No.

Don’t get a 20" unless you plan on using it to hop up tables, or your a dumass.

1: 24" bcs r more expensive

2: I want 2 hop up stuff

3: my LBS has a great 20" wheel.

Aww come on, have an opinion. You wishy washy bastard.

I dont know if Mornish knows so I will tell him. Evan swears by 24" wheels, alot of other people have20" wheels and they are great. Just a heads up :slight_smile:


You only want a 20" wheel if you are going to be hopping up really high objects.

24s are not more expensive.

20"s are squirly.

20"s are slow.

20"s are bad for any hand-on-tire moves.

20"s Are harder to slow down with due to thier tire placment on your leg.

i dont think he likes 20"s very much

he must know somthing hes pritty good on the old BCs i believe

Its just an opinion.

that was completely uncalled for.

So what?

i still think ill get the 20" though. I had a chance 2 try spencer trials bc(which was the first real bc I have ever ridden) and it was awesome. also 24" go 2 fast for my liking

Yeah, you will be happy with a 20" just ignore all of Evan’s comments, once he likes one thing everything else is then crap to him.

my frend has that tire on his bike and loves it

Spencer is the same way.

That tire would be good on a 24" but the way a 20" rubs your leg, knobby or slick, it dosnt matter.

actually I tried 2 make a bc off the front tire of my old mountain b*ke and the knobby tire really hurt my legs. thanks for the comments


ps. does anyone think that abut $150 for a 20" bc is reasonable?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

theres an excelent bc in the tradeing post for 140. Hint hint.

This from a guy who once tried to make a $400 16" trials?

Slow down Evan.

(ps. I don’t know the exact cost, I just made up the $400.)