bc wheels

i’m thinking of getting a bc wheel? so…what’s the best one? and how much do they cost?


Load the pricelist and look under BC wheels.

you are the main BCer on this site right?

one of the three, yes he is.
I hope to be a fourth eventually.

and I hope to be the tenth.

(when/if I get one it will undoubtedly be from darren [bedford])

Well I am on the Bedford team for BC wheeling. I wouldn’t say the main one, Jeff Groves was the first and probably most involved (he gets to test more stuff.)

Wait…Jeff G., me and who else?

evan and bryan.

oh… i guess that makes me the fifth.

They are both good but neither of them are sponcored by Bedford. I think Bryan is trying to get sponcored by koxx and Evan is just doing his own thing.

Edit: Wait a second…
When I read this

I thought he was referring to the bedford link I posted, but is he talking about unicyclist.com?

If he was talking about Darren’s website then ok, if he is talking about the forums then ignore everything that I just said.

I wish i was sponcered, but i ride my own plates, so i cant really switch to someone elses.

Bryan will have no problem getting sponcored.

yeah, but you guys are all the ‘resident’ (for lack of a better word) BC wheelists.

I want to be one too!

just say you have a magic spaztimakated idea for plates and get them to manufactuer the plates you ride

Ha, I wish, Its such a pain having to design and build the crap you ride, its much easier and nicer to buy stuff.

y dont you just bitch slap someone into doing things for you? I try to do that but i’m the small guy so i go home after school in pain!

Because only I know what specs I want.

ohhhh. makes sense. hey are you online? coz it says your not but your posting

Maybe I am, Maybe I’m not, You’l never know…

he’s invisible :astonished:

That I am. How those plates going Morn’?

hey! lol…

im getting pretty good at bc wheeling too.

gonna make a video pretty soon. so ill be the fifth one…ha

here is my bc

sawndwich boards.jpg