BC wheels in freestyle comps?

Hey, I was just wondering if bc wheels were allowed in freestyle competitions (like at NAUCC). What are the uni restrictions?

Heh, well…nevermind. I kind of forgot about the rule book. I just read it and it says freestyle can be done on any kind of unicycle.

but if you read the official definition of a unicycle a bc wheel isnt one.

Freestyling on a bc would be SO DAMN COOL

Sadly all wheelwalking skills would be exempt. But hey, I’m sure Julien or Ryan could do it… :smiley:

So we’re still waiting on the BC/UW wheelwalk video?

c’mon you guys, stop slackin’!

That’s the definition of “standard” unicycle. A BC isn’t a standard unicycle, which basically means you can’t use it for Standard Skill, or in most races.

The idea of BC racing is pretty new. I think we had the first one ever at the 2005 NAUCC in Bowling Green. I think it was Darren Bedford’s idea. Unlike a coasting or gliding competition, the idea in this race was to be the first across a finish line. I don’t remember the distance (30 or 50 meters?) or the details on the start.