BC wheeling..

I’m actually a flat BMX rider and well i saw a movie of impossible wheeling and i loved it lol so i took off my front wheel and been doing it up but now i want to make those specific platforms made for them, so I wanted to know if anyone can tell me the dimension of the platform, and how low it normally sits from the axle. Just aproximate…


you can buy them on unicycle.com here

No, no… I can easily weld two pieces of steel together… I’m not hardcore into this, theres only so much you can do on a BC wheel. but its fun and i cant use my BMX wheel and pegs all the time so yeah…

if you’re making plates homemade, make them eb style, not platform style.

Here’s a thread with plates on a wheel so you can approximate size.

Here’s where you can buy your supplies.

More pictures and actual (some not all) dimensions stated.

Hope this helps. Be sure to get a lot of your BMX friends into unicycling.

Woah so since Tyler (thank you) posted that site and though i dont want to buy anything i was looking at the BC wheel merchandise, and well i found, “Impossible Wheel / BC Wheel Foot Hooks” and i see that their nuts… lol (it’s not a pun) but it says, “… for more advanced impossible wheeling!” what do they mean by more advanced how do these nuts make BC wheeling more advanced?

don’t buy those, they’re IMO a waste of money.

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