BC wheelers

Just watched some videos of Bryan Stevens (i think thats right) on his bc wheel, man he’s good!!! i have never seen a unispin on a bc wheel before or someone ride it like Bryan, so damn smooth


Yeah, hes really rippin it up, hes going like freakin 5ft airs

Shizen, i havent seen that photo before, (looks in disbelief)


can you post some links to his videos?

Yeah, that’s nuts.

I’d like to see a video too.

http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=“bryan+stevens” http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=%22bryan+stevens%22

Thanks guys, but those videos are pretty bad compared to my new riding…
There should be some of my better stuff in evolution, or maybe a new online vid:





bryan air.jpg


Woah if thats old stuff is bad i cant wait to see your new riding


f***ing good BCer. I should get my BC within a month though!!! I can’t wait!!!

Bryan, how long have you been riding bc?


edit. AND YOUR 12!!!

if you say those are old could you post a link to a new one please?

DOODs whos is this bryan steves fella!!? Where did he come from.

and id like to know who started on your path to stardom at such a young age?!

Talent agents get a 10% cut, ya know.

I forgot what does BC stand for?

It dosn’t.


It “stands for” the BC comic.

edit: or the “Before Christ wheel” :slight_smile:

why is it called a BC? it is an impossible wheel correct

Bc wheel and impossible wheel are one in the same. I guess people just use bc more…either one works.

BC is shorter and BC wheels are not at all “impossible” so most people use BC.