BC wheel

So I got a BC wheel for christmas and I’ve gotten a few decent rides, but the tire keeps rubbing on my leg even through my kh shin guards. Is this pretty common or…and also I just need tips on how to learn. :slight_smile:
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It will keep on rubbing for a while, until you learn the right weight distribution. It’s really annoying, because it takes away a lot of speed

You learn to like “freemount” first right. You can’t do it holding onto a wall? Any other tips for a beginner???

I’m still a beginner :smiley:
I can freemount and ride until I run out of speed. And I can turn. I’m currently learning the sharp turns. I want to do a 180 and then ride backwards, but it’s tricky :smiley:

The trick of freemounting is to kinda hop on one foot until you feel comfortable. It’s hard explaining it without showing, but it’ll have to do. You place one foot on one plate (most people prefer right foot, I’m left-handed, so left for me), and then lean the BC so you have it in the balance somehow. Then you skip on your other foot to get some speed, and place the foot on the other plate. I think the first balance while skipping is the most crucial.

I got a bc wheel too. I can’t figure out how to assemble it. Are you supposed to tighten the bolts with a socket? I tried that but then the plates become uneven. For the first question, I’m learning how to ride based off youtube videos, if you type in bc wheel theres a few different videos.

I just rode for about a half an hour and I can do it pretty well now. Wasn’t leaning forward enough at first. But I can go for about 100 ft now usually.

I learned everything I know from youtube. For screwing it up: Put the BC wheel on top of two even platforms, so the plates are both horizontal and the wheel goes between the platforms. Just sit on both plates and tighten the bolts. It should keep them horizontal.



to assemble it, make two cinder block stacks and place your bc wheel on it. this will make the plates even to eachother as you tighten it up.

If you have a steep enough hill, go near the bottom to where it flattens out in 10 meters or so and set up to chairs with the backs facing eachother. use those to get on the BC wheel and then push off and try to balance. This way probably takes longer, but its a whole lot less scary than just going for it.

When learning to free mount, it’s not a bad idea to get an ankle guard for your pushing foot. It really hurts to smack your ankle on the bolt.

Eventually as you get better, you will start to put weight on the mounting foot, this will let you get more speed and mount more reliably.

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Have any of you guys that just got bc wheels learn how to jump yet. I’m getting pretty good at riding now, I can go about a block. But when I jump I just jump off and I can’t figure out how to suck the bc wheel up with me. Any help would be great, thanks.


I haven’t been able to ride lately but I tried jumping before…it wasn’t successful but I got in the air. I just squeezed my feet against the side of the platform and bounced on the wheel instead of just jumping.

I tried jumping once or twice. The problem was, that when I tried to jump, instead of me going into the air, the wheel would roll back. I’ve been learning sharp circles ever since:D

Do use the bolt to pull it up or do you just squeeze the platform? If you use the bolt then what part of your foot hits it?

By the way, Maxigause, what part of California do you live in, maybe we could go riding sometime.

You know where San Luis Obispo is?

Yea was thinking about going to college there. Thats a little ways though. About four hours. But hey if you ever come down to the San diego area write me and we can do some riding.

Go to Cal Poly, that’d be sweet if we went riding. Yea I live in Atascadero if you know where it is. Just 15 min from Cal Poly.

Im currently using BMX stunt pegs instead iof BC plates. Is this making it harder to learn to ride.
I find it really hard because my feet always slip off the pegs

yeah it will make it much harder, because they roll. Also with plates you have a lower center of ballance so you are more stable. Stunt pegs dont really work for a BC wheel… I know from painfull experience.