BC Wheel

I have always wanted to get a BC wheel, just kind of as a fun thing, and still ride my uni mainly. I have a 20’’ LX with a bent crank and probably axle. Now, I intended to save up and get a DX or a KH 20", but after watching a few BC vids on unicycle TV, I’m wondering how hard it would be to ride one. I was looking at eh cheap one on udc a while back, but if I got one of those, I would probably end up breaking it. But, before I make up my mind to get one, i want to know how hard it is to learn to ride one fairly well. I don’t want to get a expensive one from bedford and then decide I don’t like it or something.

And assuming that I would like it, should I get the basic one for 150$ or should i get the Pro Platforms, or the pro street platforms? What is the difference anyway?

well ive ridden uni for 10 mos, and i built a crappy 12" homemade BC a month ago, and it was pretty damn hard! i suppose within 3 days i could go 15-20 ft down a gentle slope on a decent run. the axle bent fast and it hardly goes anymore. sorry, cant reccommend any commercial BCs.

Well, keep in mind that the people on uni.tv are good at it will probably take a year to get to there skill level.

I don’t mind practice. It took me about 5 days to learn to ride a uni 50m. That’s what most people don’t realize, learning to ride a uni is about as hard as learning to ride a bike. It takes a few days, but once you learn it’s easy. Does the same apply to BC wheeling? I don’t mind practicing a few weeks before I get it, but I don’t want it to be something that I make very little progress and get frustrated easily.

Learning to ride a BC is way easier than learning to ride a unicycle in my opinion. You just need a hill and a couple hours of practice. As for which to buy, get whatever fits your budget.

yeah, when you already uni, BC is comparatively a piece of cake.
however, you MUST wear shin guards, or at least a pair of tall socks.
i tried without them at first and burned my legs so baaaaaad. it stayed red for a week.

BCing looks schweet. Im so getting a Bedford BC when I get my paycheque and when the new bedford plates that are lower come out. Bedford makes just about the best BCs there are. Evan Byrne also makes plates, but you would need to make your own wheel. There are a few other sources for BCs, but I recomend bedford. I have ridden them (well, not for long, or very far) before and they are solid.

Lets wait for Spencer to come in and promote Bedford too :smiley:


Everyone that has tryed my bc has been able to ride it 50+ft within the hour. it really isnt harder than a unicycle, but its not really comparable, is SOOO differnt.

Bike trials, eh? Evan, what happened? :stuck_out_tongue:

What happened? I tried a bike is what happened, It owns all over unis.

Haha. Yeah, Bedfords are really good.

An ace bandage around your leg works really well for BCing because it saves your pants/shin guards/ leg from getting torn up by the tire. Ace bandages are cheap so it doesn’t matter when they get torn up. I used to just stock up and buy a bunch of them for $1 each.

How high/far can you hop on a uni as compared to on your trials bike?

Allright, I think I am probably going to buy a Bedford, but which one should I get? And what is the difference between the basic 20" and the 20" with Pro Platforms, the 20" Street with Pro Platforms, and the Trials with Pro Platforms? what is the limits of all of them?
Would the inavailability of a skatepark nearby be a problem?

Being that iv been riding for a little over a week…


B: 3ft
U: 5ft


B: 20"
U: 35"

thats impressive evan. good job.

My bro rides trials bikes. He’s been the alberta champion for three years now. I will make a joint movie with him as soon as I have the proper gear.

You can hop 36’’ to rubber, or to pedal?

Heh, I so threadjacked this thread.

Anyway, the Bedford PROs are longer, which makes them better. You want the PROs. Trust me. lol

Also, the basic has a non sealed hub and maybe a weaker rim. The other has a sealed hub.

Anybody have a bedford BC for sale? My friend wants one bad,but told me today that he found out Bedford is out of commission 'till 9/30/06.:frowning:

your friend could buy plates from unidennis, and get a wheelset from a bike shop.

buy my bc for $110