bc wheel

I finally got a bc wheel and tried it today! It is so much fun!! I can go down my driveway and good ways in the street before I run out of speed. It seemed easier than I thought it would be.

Cool, How long did it take you to learn, and what kind of BC Wheel is it?

It took me about 2 or 3 hours to learn and its a Bedford BC wheel with pro plates. Its awsome!

I wish I had a concrete driveway and a street. These dang rocks keep knocking me over!

Nice job, If you ask me long plates arnt the way to go, sometimes your body will throw out insepected ballance moves my tilting your feet up or down, and sometimes if you tilt your feet all the way down you crash. But sounds like your good with them for now.

Nah, Evan is just stupid…once you get used to long platforms i think they are easier for everything. Evan didnt get used to them so he hates them now. You can tilt them just as much as you can short ones as long as you can balance (not that hard). Anyways, post some videos:D

Spencer is a liar, he kept trying to mount his trials bc and tilted the plates and fell like 100 times. He lies.

Evan is stupid…He rode with me right after i got my trials bc and i could barly even ride it and when i mounted i went too fast and the tire grabbed my leg and i flew. Now he is telling me I cant hop up a curb. :roll_eyes:

Well its true, he missed the curb like a gazillion times. And hes just making excuses to cover up his stupid long plate problems.

Spencer is a liar do do do dooo do do dooo! Spencer is a liar do do do dooo do do dooo! Spencer is a liar do do do dooo do do dooo! Spencer is a liar do do do dooo do do dooo!

…Evan is evil…

Here’s Chad to put out this flame war!


I think I have saw that before. I thought his name was Butch?


Spencer and Evan remind me of these two guys in my physics class. Their twins and they fight about anything and everything. It’s very entertaining to watch because they are both short.

Midget wrestling!! Awright!

Spencer is tiny, hes 5’ and like 15


So he would be the shorter one.

That means youd be like the one who does fake push-ups in front of the class to show off. :slight_smile:


Sorry to have to interject something into this Battle of the Minds, but I believe this thread has made me lose intelligence.