Bc wheel.

I couldn’t find any threads that really helped. Could yall help me with making a Bc wheel. I got a rim and tire from a 20" bmx bike.
Its the front tire. I have all the nuts that go with it. I am wondering how to put some pegs or something on there.

I have the bmx pegs that go on it, but they an’t working well. Everytime the wheel turns, they try to turn with.

Any suggestions?




do a search on “Impossible Wheel”.

A quick search found this thread.


Thanks. I didn’t think about searching “Impossible wheel.” I only searched bc wheel. Thanks.

Find out what size axle your BMX wheel has. Standard BMX wheels have a 3/8" axle which is not strong enough for use as a BC wheel. When you stand on the platforms the axle will bend and you’ll very quickly end up with droopy platforms. You need to go with the larger 14 mm BMX axle.

A bike shop will be able to tell you which size axle you have.

If you do use the 3/8" axle just be prepared for the axle to bend eventually after a period of use.

OK, I found this gallery. He has made his own Bc wheel. It is joemc’s gallery. Hope u don’t mind me postin it. It is http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albuu71

I see that he made is own footplates. I have found a piece of material like that. Now what do i do. After i cut them out how big should i make the hole? Also will it slow it down by the footplates resting on the axle? Just wondering.

Glad to help.

If you got the link to the gallery you posted previously from a thread. Go to that thread and to the original post. Then click on the PM button and send the guy an email.

Sometimes riders post for a while on the message board and then stop monitoring it. So, they won’t see this tread. If they set up their profile with a current email address, you may be in luck and you can ask the person directly if nothing happens in this thread.

Good luck!

I’m still here, (I need to change my listed email address)

I used 4" box section, and chopped out an ‘L’ shaped piece. I left the foot bit as wide as I could (i.e. 4"), and left the upright also as tall as I could. As long as the holes are the same height in both plates, and roughly in the middle, they will be fine.
Oh, and don’t use a plastic mag wheel, as there’s no weight in the rim, so it won’t roll along by itself very well.