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>>>>> “arthur” == Arthur Chandler arthurc@sfsuvax1.sfsu.edu (Arthur Chandler)
>>>>> writes: “paul” == Paul Bunson bunson@corona.uoregon.edu (Paul Bunson)
>>>>> writes:

paul> I am currently trying to learn to ride with one foot. I get the basic idea
paul> of applying less pressure with one foot until the other is doing
paul> everything but my progress has been very slow. Is this just a big step to
paul> make or are there some tricks to learning this trick? I have both 20" and
paul> 24" unis and have mostly been using the latter; should one of these be
paul> easier than the other? paul bunson

Someone else was going to reply to this, but his mail apparently bounced. I can
tell you some things. This took me a while to get. The “make one foot do
everything” approach is good, though it is hard to get the foot off and put it
on the frame (if that’s what you’re going to do) once you reach the point where
you can almost take it off. Some people down here ride with the spare leg just
stuck out the front. I put it on the frame. Another way to start is by idling
one footed and then going into it, but the push you need to get going this way
is bigger than the subsequent pushes you need to keep the thing going.

There is a very definite feel to this trick. I tend to say “push” to myself each
time the footed pedal comes over the top. I find it a bit easier to go faster
rather than slower. Getting that first revolution is probably the hardest thing.

One piece of advice I would offer is to keep in mind that what you are really
trying to do is, after all, just ride a unicycle. Think of the principles that
applied when you were learning - they’re all still true. Lean forward, sit up
straight etc. Try to make believe that you’re just riding normally and you
might find things easier. This also applies (as I think I mentioned) to walking
the wheel.

As regards 20 vs 24", I am fairly sure that the 20" will be easier. I have never
ridden one footed on a 24, but I have done on a 26 and it is much harder. You
have to put a lot more energy into each pedal to get the cranks to go the whole
way around.

arthur> does anyone out there ride a BC (Also Called Impossible) Wheel? Any
arthur> tips? We bought a 16 inch Impossible. It’s impossible, all right. Would
arthur> a 20" or 24 " be easier? Thicker tires? Psychiatric help? <:)

Perhaps psychiatric help would be a good start. I don’t know how to ride one but
I have seen it done (at the juggling festival in st. louis last year). The
people rolled it along the ground and then ran after it and jumped on. It looked
pretty wild.


does anyone else out there ride down stairs? A friend and I were just taught how
by some uni-guerillas in Albuquerque. It’s lots of fun. If people are interested
I (we) could post some hints etc.

What about jumping off things?


one foot on a 24"

In reply to that last one, you can do 1 leg on a 24" – I do it all the time. I’ve never ridden anything other than a 16", 20", and 24". I’d like to try a bigger wheel for fun. All I own is 20" and I’d like to get a 24"…they’re so smooth.

I made a BC wheel today. It’s so hard to even get on the thing. I know I can do it if I practice. I’ve gone 5 feet ONCE already. Ever seen some BC wheel videos on Youtube? Some guys take off w/ one foot like they’re riding a skateboard!!!

I also want to learn gliding/coasting on the uni, but I can’t wheel walk yet. I can ride w/ one leg, but b/c my fork is not flat, I just hang my leg out. I’ll need to buy a flat fork if I want to do coasting/gliding. Does anyone think you can do this on a 24" wheel? Man, I want to glide so bad!!! Remember the difference between the two: Gliding- you use your foot on the wheel to control your speed, and Coasting - full speed ahead!!! (no foot braking the tire).

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