Bc Wheel

i was wondering if anyone had attempted to make a bc wheel out of a bike tire and pegs and if they had succeeded. tight on a budget and cant afford one right now

I have done this. I was able to ride across a parking lot on it, but it’s difficult to keep the pegs from rolling out from under you.

If you want to have any degree of success with this, I suggest wearing shoes that have a gap in the center under the bridge, like this:

and not like this:

Wrap griptape around the pegs and put them on a small (20") bicycle front wheel.

If you start bruising the insides of your legs, wear some shinguards sideways.

This is the cheap option, since pegs are only about $7 and it isn’t too hard to find a lousy kid’s bike front wheel for free. I have since upgraded to a BMX wheel that cost me $50 and a pair of actual BC plates.

thanks i did not now if this was even possible ill practice