BC Wheel

I am looking to buy a used 20" BC/Impossible Wheel for around $60-$80 + shipping. I would prefer a freestyle tire. If you are interested in selling, feel free to PM me or just post in this thread.

ive got an old nimbus bc i think it has a nimbus kikzumbut tire on it. one of the plates is kind of bent but you can bend it back. i would sell it for 60 if your interested. i also have some plates that i made that i can throw in if you want

I might be interested in buying it. Could you please post some pictures? I just want to see what kind of condition it’s in.

ok heres some pics. the plates have grip tape on them and i painted one side green and one side orange. the other plates i made are pretty strong they just need a bigger hole drilled to fit on this wheel or you can put them on a standard bike wheel.

you can see the one side bent in a little but its not much and works just fine. its hard to avoid bending bc plates.

You BC wheel looks like it’s in pretty good condition. I don’t mind the bent plates.
It looks like you did a really good job on the custom plates, too.
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