bc wheel with leg savers

i just weld up my first bc it is made of 3/8 plate and 2in angle iron (super strong i’m 250 and i abuse it ) but i got sick of wearing jeans and shins guards so forged sum rod with a anvil and coal forge

it work so much better i just need to get better i can go 10 feet my bro can go for 50+feet

It looks ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet it works pretty good though

that thing is hideous. eventually as you get good you won’t even need that to not rub the tire. also, as your balancing on the plates it might smack the insides of your legs.

and how do you stop?

He said he can only ride 10 feet not much of a problem stopping.

You jump off.

I never, ever, rub my leg on the tire anyway. (on a normal BC)

Nice Job, looks more practical than evans (lighter/less in the way).

Sell that shit somewhere else.

I don’t think he saying it never ever happens, occasionally it will happen. Some people ride like Spencer, using their leg as a brake constantly. Others are more selective, and some don’t use their legs to brake at all. I usually just do a tight turn uphill, or slalom to slow down.

but if you slalom correctly… it only speeds you up…

i mean once he learns how to go.

z freak. slaloming speeds you up.

wide swooping turns then.

if you were to paint it, it might look pretty not bad

I agree. with a bit of paint it could look sweet :smiley:

btw whats the duct tape for

nice work. I love building stuff to ride.

So do I. :smiley:

yea me to. i have three home made unicycles

Does anybody remember the “Crabcycle”?

That thing is AWESOME!

Do you mean this crabcycle???

And then there’s the single wheel sideways giraffe