bc wheel with hub motor?

Has anyone ever tried this? I found a wheel online for like $285 but i dont know if it will work. The problem is that you have to have the battery attached somewhere…could it work under the plate? you would have to balance it out on the other side but that might work. just a random thought looking for imput…

You could attach a car battery to your belt! That might throw you slightly off ballance though. :stuck_out_tongue: I think if it ever did become a success, it would be very bulky and it wouldnt be worth the time and money.

Yeah, there’s also a problem of it riding far far away from you on its own when you fall off. Solvable, but funny to think about nevertheless.

ya but im pretty sure you would have throttle control thing since its meant to be put on bikes so when you let go itll stop…heres a website with one http://www.goldenmotor.com/

What i don’t get is why would you attach a battery to a BC in the 1st place. I mean, isn’t a BC meant to be used for coasting purposes only. The only advantage i see a battery doing is when you want to coast uphill. Apart from that. It pretty is pointless because you also have to put in mind of how heavy the battery itself is going to be and how you have to balance the BC with it. :smiley:

A similar thing I once saw: a guy build a one-wheeled, self-balancing motorised skateboard thing. Basically a single go-kart wheel in the middle, and you leaned to vary its speed, and to steer. Pretty cool.

Well if you want why not make this machine. :smiley:

Motorized Skateboard

It’s meant for whatever the rider or builder wants to do with it. Especially if you tell them it’s “impossible.” :slight_smile:

You can use ski poles for that. I used to have a pair with rubber ends for road use. A purist might consider that cheating also. Fortunately there are no rules.

I think if you motorize your cycle, you’ll need a power system that doesn’t put any high force into the wheel, only gradual increases and decreases in speed. Otherwise it will just surge out from under you. With practice I’m sure you could learn to lean into increasing amounts of power.

You could mount your batteries under the plates, which would keep you from having a dangling wire, and would look good. But you’d still need some sort of power control, wouldn’t you? An engineer-type could make up a wireless remote, which would be really cool.

Yes, your wheel would be considerably heavier than a typical BC. I think this may make it easier to ride.

That makes sense. Whoa, you’re a smart person johnfoss.:smiley: