BC wheel- which one to get?

I’ve really wanted to get a BC wheel lately (probably for christmas or earlier) and i can’t figure out which one to get (preferably less than $150).

What is the difference between the Nimbus and the Yuni from UDC? Both of these come with the short plates, and i have heard that people usually like long plates better. Is it possible to get one of these with long plates? Or should i get the BC wheel or BC wheel deluxe from bedford? (I want a BC with the long plates i think).

bedford is probably your best option… or you could get any of those 2 and buy bedford long plates and put them on…

bedford is probably the way to go if you’re looking for BC’s… UDC is great and all, but they just don’t have the selection for BCs that bedford does.

For bedford, you can get the whole wheel, or just the plates and find your own wheel with a 14mm axle.

i think this one has the most bang for your buck.

The UDC nimbus bc seems like it is a good deal at $109 but I don’t know how strong the hub/platforms are. I think the reasen the Yuni is more is it has a sun rim, Gb4 plates, and hookworm tire while the Nimbus has “nimbus rim and plates”. I think the price difference is just in the company names…but I dont know.

Which Bedford BC is that? Is it still in good condition?