Bc Wheel Wheel bit, Help needed.

Ok i am making my own BC because it is going to cost me around $250 for the Nimbus BC and i have heard that they bend eventually anyway.
I have found thiswheelset thing on Ebay and was wondering whether it would be approriate for an (eventually) trials BC? it seems to be the same thing that i have read other people are using but i want to be certain before parting with money, also how much should i be expecting to pay for such a thing?

Thankou for your help.

I don’t know how good Haro hubs are in general, but the ones I looked at at my LBS that were around $50, it seemed like the bearings were really stiff and kinda scratchy.

That wheel would make a good BC. However, if you want a Trials BC, you want a trials tire. And that needs a trials rim, which would be a 19 inch one. However, you you like that setup get it! At $50 AUS its a really good deal!

you dont want a trials tire. you want a 20G.

$20 from www.3gbikes.com.

its awesome, perfectly smooth on the top with micro knobbies for traction on the sides.

Assuming it fits on an Alex DM18, I want a 20G. But I think that i have to buy it from the USA.

Yeah, you get it from 3Gbikes, I don’t think I have seen it anywhere else.

Shipping is only $2 USD more to ship it to Canada. So it is 19+8 for shipping to get the tire in Canada, still cheap.


So i got one saying yes if thats want you want and one saying umm maybe not and others saying buy i tyre that is not available to me in Australia.

Thankyou to those who helped though

The wheel looks good. You should get it.

In that case you should totally get it but not really but only if you can get or not get the tire.

Glad I could help.

i find myself agreeing with you.

Thanks spencer, i think i shall just go for it, its only going to be $50 odd and if it breaks it isnt much of a loss.

do you get the tyre in the pic with it?
if you do that is already a really good tyre. they sell for $35 brand new and are completely smooth. i have them on my bmx.