BC Wheel Video

Today I made a BC Wheel Movie. I was riding for 2 days and then got really sore and waited about 4 or 5 days and this is me today.

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great job! I enjoyed that a lot.

thank you.

BC wheel video! yeahh, Now Spencer is all day “flating” and I can’t learn with his videos ¬¬ :smiley: so Thank you very much isaac, I really love it!
p.d:sorry by my Engish!

nice, is BC wheeling easy to learn once you can uni?
I’ve never tried it but I’d like to.


Nice. Makes me want to learn.

I really enjoyed the video and yea for Jack Johnson!

what BC is that?

Ya thanks. Its not that hard to learn but once youve got it its pretty easy. I learned in about a day or 2 days.

what BC is that?[/QUOTI made it. Its a Alex DX32 Rim and a Monty Quando Hub and then a Maxxis CC tire and homemade plates.

But thanks everyone for all the possitive feedback.

Hello everyone. Now you can all see it widescreen!

Here You Go


too bad you didn’t film in widescreen. now the picture is just stretched.

well widescreen is stretched out thats what widescreen is.

when you change regular to wide then it’s just stretched. if you film in widescreen you have a wider filming area, not just stretched out film. notice how movies don’t distort the picture when they are widescreen.

Ok what ever I like it alot…and if you watch other videos they are strtched as well.

If you watch a movie that was filmed in widescreen, it isnt stretched. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours doest look too bad, but it is still noticeable.

How do you hop on your BC, do you just squeeze you legs together and hop?
Some Bedford platforms have another plate about 4 inches above the platform that your foot is on so you can just jump and your foot pulls the BC up.

I like your video isaac

Yes it is. I’ve had BC wheel over half year and I still can’t ride it. :o