BC wheel-trouble chosing size


I was wondering wich size i should get. one person says 20" sucks and i shouldnt get one( you prbabaly know who that is:p ) and some people say i should get a 20". i am very confused… so i really really need some help with choosing.

Get the 24". Its a little bigger step up to get on but its much faster. A 24" would be better for ramp type stuff and for flatland. If you want to do hand on tire tricks then you don’t have to bend down as far. Unless you only want to do high hops on it then you should get a 24".

thanks, but i would like to do high hops and stuff. but will i be able to still do high hops with the 24"?

i have a 26" and it works great… its nice and big… thats all i can really say



lol. seriously? haha

The bigger wheel should only lower your hops by 2". There is a difference in the weight but that shouldn’t be too much.

ok great. i think ill go for the 24" unless anyone can convince me

and I recommend the maxxis hookworm 24"x2.5" tire.

I wouldn’t, its too grippy (on your legs)

im getting this tire anyway

get a DINO Fireball, ive heard there great 4 bc wheels.

maby maby not… how much does a dyno fireballl cost?

I think like $40. thats the only bad thing.

yeah… im buying th HALO tire

Um, does size really matter for speed with a bc wheel? It matters with a regular uni because you propel yourself with it, but in a bc the wheel only holds you up, and does nothing for propulsion. Am I correct?

^^ Dunno about that ^^

I’m looking to get a 20". They seem more manouverable and of course… GRINDS!!

Should the axel ideally be a 14mm BMX axle? The ones I’m looking at are around £35! Is this mega expensive?

24"s are much faster, I don’t know why but its really easy to tell if you have both. If you are grinding on a 24" you don’t have to hop as high:) You need a 14mm axle, if you get a 3/8s it will bend really easily.

I have tried riding a 24" wheel before and I didn’t feel comfortable on it partly because of speed and I didn’t like how high up my leg the tire rubbed - for that reason I think a 20" wheel is better. If you can you should try out both a 20" and a 24" to see which one you feel most comfortable on.

The next step is tire selection - Trials or BMX. The tire you put on your BC also plays a role in maneuverability, how much speed you get and actually landing tricks. A trials tire is slow and not very responsive but it allows more room for error on landings. A BMX tire will give you more speed and is very responsive but this means you have to land your tricks perfectly.

I hope that helps you make up your mind.


Thanks Jeff!
A very informed, inpartial and thorough response. Good on you pal!

It’s helped me make up my mind.
20" BMX Tyre.

Thanks for the advice aswell Lil dude. I love ur BC movie! I think I’ll just have to bite the bullet and fork out £35 for a 14mm axle.

Ta, AndyC