Bc wheel tire pressure.

On a bc is it better to have high or low tyre pressure? I have been going in about the low 40s but then I started to wonder if i would go faster with a higher psi. How high do most of you guys have your tyre pressur?

There is no best pressure, Its all preffrence. Iv run in the 20s, up to 110psi. Higher pressure will make you go faster.

It depends on what tire you have I think, for street, high psi is better, for trials, people like lower psi. I’m no experrt though, I might be wrong.

Usualy there isnt a good pressure for a style of riding, There just tends to be a good pressure for a certain trick.

Ok thanks. I’m gonna go beetwen the maximum and minimum pressure on a kenda k rad.

Low pressures make it easier to ride, it is sluggish though. High pressures make it really fast and it slips out way easier.

However a drop or a high hop, can rebound you up again if you have a low tire, Sometimes throwing you off.

Only if its a really high drop or your pressure is too low.

Yea I’ve noticed that :o I’m sitting at 50 psi and am getting good speed and control. But I think I’m gonna drop back down to around 40 psi cause it makes riding skinnies so much eisier.