bc wheel specs

i’m just making my own bc wheel
now my friend is going to make me those things where you put your foot on and i was eondering if you could tell me what is best material for that and what is sice

some precise sketch would be nice too :o)

tnx in advance

I was thinking about makinng one too. Do you suppose angle iron would work?

i don’t know

was thinkin alluminium

that’s my main issue

plz ppl help

Well, alluminum would be ligher, but it would be harder to make a wield. For pictures click on gallery at the top of your page and use the search on the left. Search for ‘BC wheel’ or ‘BC wheel plates’. Its going to have to be strong, too.

buy ntappin’s alluminum plates. I have some that I really like. Nice and light, and pretty cheep too

I can sell you some for 20 bucks Canadian, plus shipping to anywhere in the world.

They are about 7 mm thick aluminum, so light but really strong.

no ty but i’m in croatia and thats really far

iv looked at all pictures and that

can someone measure the plates for me please

thats my last issue

Hey. I made (or had a set made, not that it was beyond trivial to do so) a set out of two pieces of 4" angle iron. They’re heavy, but they’ll never bend. Guy at the machine shop just chopped em out of some spare metal he had lying around and put a hole in the middle.

yes tha’t i think okay

but about size of plates

can anyone tell me all specs of plates please ( height and stuff)

this link should help you on that

your welcome

ty very much

Mine are 1/4" thick steel plates and hold up amazingly well.

And instead of starting a new thread, does anyone know where I can get a cheap BMX wheel for building myself a BC wheel? The cheapest I’ve found online is around $35.00, including shipping. I know I should be able to find one for cheaper (WaldoMart sells entire b*kes for $45.00). I don’t care about quality right now. I just want cheap. Quality can come later after I decide if I want to continue or not.

paco: ill sell you a wheel for 10 bucks. its a piece off of myfirst bmx bike. its an 2" with a scinnier axle (forgot what size…)

but you said cheap.

ok i belive its a 3/8 axle… sorry

Well you want a 14mm axle or it will bend pretty quickly so if you get a wheel from walmart or something then it won’t last very long and will probably just be a waste of money. Maybe look on ebay for something cheap though.

yeah… i recomend you dont want my wheel:)

When you say it won’t hold up very well, what do you mean? I’m pretty light on my equipment. I ride a sun 28" and I’ve never had a problem with bending the rim.