BC Wheel Rubbing on Leg when Mounting

When I get on my BC Wheel I can’t stop the tire from rubbing my leg. It is destroying my pants/661s. Does any body have something that helps overcome this problem? Thanks


It just takes practice, there’s no secret to it. Are you practicing the skate mount?

Whats that?


A skate mount is when you have one foot on the plates and then push with the other foot to get going. It’s just like pushing a skateboard.


He’d better not be, if your leg is rubbing doing the skate mount there’s some nasty dismount potential with the bc acting as a lever arm and your center of balance a foot away from the hub(especially with low plates).

My guess is that you have a bc with pegs, not plates, and are practicing the “hold onto pole for dear life while attempting to push off” method? That seriously bruised my leg from just the pressure after a few hours of practice. I’ve never had a real issue with the tire rubbing; at one point it was rubbing just enough to be slightly annoying. Just take the 661s off and see if the extra space does anything.

A good bc wheel helps also.:slight_smile:

When ever I try to to skate mount it rubs againts my jeans so much I cant get any where. I have plates.

Can you legwrap on a regular uni? The side/side balance shift is very similar.