BC wheel question

ok um i know there has been lots of these but im just double checking something

if i jsut wanna ride around town on a BC a 24inch is the way to go ?

so if i got a 24inch w/ bedfored lowrider plates i’d be set?

when you order from darren do you have to choose your rim, tire, wheelset of preference or would he just build it up?

if you do choose all your components what should i choose?
(im not trying to get you all to buy for me but i just dont know whats good with BC wheelin’)

Thats all i think

thanks you all very much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

he just has a stock set-up, though custom bc’s can be made on request, just email him at info@bedfordunicycles.ca . the stock stuff that comes on the 20" are an alex double wall rim, standard 14mm hub, and kenda tire stuff. for the 24" i’d expect it to be the same.