BC Wheel Problems

I got a BC Wheel for Christmas and the nuts on the axle keep coming loose because the opposite tork by the plates. Does anyone have a solution?


Please help me! I really want to start riding but the plates keep coming loose.


I would reccommend trying some locktite in the threads of the nuts and tighten it. Someone might suggest something else, but locktite would be a place to start.

I have the same problem with mine. Too tighten them, put the plates on two level surfaces, and let the wheel hang between them. Then while tightening the screws put all your weight on the plates. If you got the nimbus its a pain, and they come loose all the time. Mine are actually loose right now.

But have fun with it, I’m gonna go try out my new foot hooks later on today.

I also got some bc plates for the big day and had the same problem when fitting them.

Firstly make sure your cone nuts or at the right tension to hold the bearings properly. If you’ve got a sealed hub then it’s much easier.

Next I put both of the plates on and just tighten the nuts with my fingers until I couldn’t get them any tighter. (make sure you’ve got some washers between the plates and nuts.

Then to tighten them properly: I tightend one as much as I could, leaving the other alone. I then turned the wheel so that the lose plate was at my right side (as I’m right handed) and put my left foot on the left plate with enough weight to hold it in place. Then I used my left hand to support the right plate whilst tightening it with my right hand.

I guess this is pretty similar to what littleman said. You could rest the plates on a couple of bricks and stand on then whilst the wheel is free in the middle.

Hope you solve yours as I have mine.

Now, to figure out how to ride it!

Thanks for the help guys. I think I have it solved seeing that my plates haven’t come loose yet and I’ve been riding on them for 1 and 1/2 days. Thanks again for your help. I used cinder blocks to make the plates equal and tightened them down.


I made a device to make easy for straigtening bc wheel plates when tightening the bolts…I’ll make a video about that and post it…

Don’t get the BC foot hooks–they’re awful for learning.