BC wheel plates

Hey, i’m looking at getting some custom made bc plates made up, but im not sure what thickness the metal should be. any suggestions? any other bc’ing suggestions would also be helpful :slight_smile:

I forwarded your note to a friend Dennis who’s been getting really into bc wheels and plates. He should get back to ya soon.

hey josh, it depends on what kind of metal you are using; for example aluminium plates would have to be a lot thicker than steel ones. i think they are usually about 5mm, but im not sure, someone like spencer or van would be able to help you out though.
more importantly you want the axle of the wheel to be thick so it doesnt bend. 14mm bmx axles are best, but they are expensive. any axle will be fine if you are just learning to ride, but you will eventually bend thin ones.

hope this has been helpful,


thanks guys :slight_smile:

just get the ones that ed and chris have

lol i cant. coz they’re bastards!!! lol they ‘ran outa metal’ lol… o well… hopefully my uncle can make me a set… i hope!!! fingures crossed

bugger. oh well. i know a guy who just bought some 90 degree shelving brackets from bunnings and used them. they work but i dont know how much of a beating they would take cos they werent that thick.

I used shelfing brackets on mine and there all right I think there wearing out now cause if I stand on them wrong they bend a bit

I have some for sale if you check out the trading post in general discussion.

1/4" thick aluminum angle is the way to go! Make sure to get aluminum alloy type 6061-T6. 6061-T6 is a very standard type of aluminum that is most commonly used. It’s twice as strong as 6063-T52, so don’t get them confused with each other. Feel free to ask me any other questions.



if you guys knew anything, you would know that demesions are a much bigger part in a bc plate than the material or thickness.

yeah DUH!!!

hey evan hows your arm, how long till your riding again?

I can lift a soup can, im planing on starting to ride again in june/july.

heh heh heh… i am having fun riding it too Josh! :stuck_out_tongue:


i used the bunnings shelving brackets that whoever was talking about and they were fine for someone of my wieght (70kg) but you’d wanna get a stronger axle 'cause the one i used started to bend after a few weeks


but we really DID run oot of matel (metal)



joshmo dont get heritageboys or eds plates there to wide and not long enough i agree with shelving brackets