Bc wheel plates

i bought some Nimbus bc wheel plates back in the summer , they have hardly been used about 10 hours of riding. i recently applied some element grip tape.
looking for about £10 + shipping. pictures on request.

i’ll buy them…after i sold my BC plates haha.
If noones had them by the next time i come up north i’ll have them :slight_smile:

If Simon doesn’t sell his or come up north soon enough then I’ll take them. Let me know how much shipping is and I can either PayPal, bank transfer or post a cheque.



Your welcome to them spencer, i wont be going up north for ages yet :slight_smile:

Let me know when they arrive, I’ll put an ambulance on standby.

looking like simon wont get them , ill find out postage and get back to you :slight_smile:

what 's the total cost??

can you buy these anywhere? i’m sure they used to sell them on UDC?

They are on UDC for £25:

weird, i coulden’t see them anywhere

Yeah I knew they were there because I found them the other day by doing a quick search.

If you want to find them through the categories they are hidden under spare pedals which vaguely makes sense but I’m sure there would be a more sensible place.

I’ve sent a couple of PMs and an email to you but had no reply yet. I’ve got the money here waiting for you, as soon as I know how much postage is. Let me know…