BC wheel movie

These dont work to download anymore i dont belive.

The first 2 work for me but the rest say they are finished after 1kb.

Welding fast has nothing to do with it.

Unless you mean weld a little, stop cool down, weld more, repeat untill finished. If you didn’t mean that your an idiot.

Great movie! It was an outstanding refreshment to look at something in such great quality.

P.S. your camera takes great picture in normal light but goes to the dogs once the light drops. How many CCD’s does it have?

ups, I fixed it, sorry for that !

here are the proofed links for mov and wmv files:

HQ WMV file, 50 MB


HQ MOV file, 127 MB

3, its Evan’s camera. My camera is broken:(

Thats suprising 3ccd cameras usually have better low light quality.

Oh well it’s still about 10,000% better than youtube!

It has great low light quality, whatchoo talkin bout?

I’m comparing it to the rest of the picture. Yes it has great low light picture but the grain and noise was amped up considerably compared to the normal light.

Whats up with the box in the hospital and various other places in the video?

Where was low light? i dont recall shooting in low light for that movie.

Thats the camera case.

At the end.

The stick in the spokes part.

That was pretty dark at the time actually, im impressed it was that light on film.

Ok my bad.

It’ll always be a super uppper dupper quality movie.