BC wheel movie

Evan and I made this movie, it got cut short due to evil tennis nets.

It came out to be 4:40 long and this version is 214mb and .mpg. The quality is really good so its worth the big file size.

Possibly more formats and sizes to come later.

Right-click, Save as… (on unicycle.tv)

If you have problems playing it then try to use VLC player or real player because I know those work.

Thanks to

can’t wait for the DL to finish.
then it’s off to the DVD burner for posterity.

[QUOTE=Spencer Hochberg]

It came out to be 4:40 long and this version is 214mb and .mpg. The quality is really good so its worth the big file size.
Right-click, Save as… (on unicycle.tv)

Wow! Why so huge? Is it 4 hours and 40 mins or 4 mins and 40 secs? If it is less than 5 mins you should be able to get it down to 20mb or less with great quality.

Yeah, we had some issues trying to compress it. It is 4 minutes and 40 seconds. It is widescreen and most of the times we tried to save it at a smaller file size it would smash the widescreen into standard. It is .mpg and it doesn’t let me put it into divx for some reason. We have a 60mb version but it is some smashed widescreen so everything looks shorter and longer than it should be.

We just haven’t figured out a good way to compress it yet so thats why I said there might be more formats and sizes to come later.

Its a huge file but looks nice:o

i downloaded the whole thing and it only shows 31 seconds of it?


I’d like to see it but my connection isn’t quite good enough at the time to download a huge file like that. I’ll be waiting for a compressed version as I suspect most others will too.

woo I’mdownloading it now, I love download accelerator plus, I’m getting it at 525 kbs!

That was really cool, Those jumps up things were pretty insane. It also looked like Evan took a pretty crappy beating that day, or days :p.

That was the BEST BC wheel movie EVARRRRrrr.

It was way kewl.

i wanna BC wheel some more now.

Smaller Version
38mb divx encoded
Quality is pretty good, not as good as the big one though.


I realy liked this movie.
Like every other BC vids you 2 guys made.
There was realy cool stuff in it and some nasty bails to :slight_smile:
Those picnic table jumps are just amazing, keep up the good work you guys.
Oh, Evan get well soon :slight_smile:


That was really good… get better Evan!
At least you got hurt on an awesome bail

wow that sux alot evan. anyway great riding guys. loved the picnic table jumps. spencer excellent 360.

Good job with the video. Thanks for the compressed version. It seemed to still be pretty high quality. What did you film it with to get taht wide angle lens look?

A Wide angle lens.

Its a fisheye lens.

That movie inspired me to go ride my BC once again.

I also managed to jump over this island thingy i’ve been wanting to do for a while! :slight_smile:

I should make or buy a BC from Darren. =p

This was a great vid, and worth the download wait of about 10mins.

How many hands are you typing with?

Edit: nice vid :wink:

Two hands.