BC wheel. more questions. hoo-ray...

ok. ima gonna be quick with these, as everyone is sick and tired of "BC wheel questions.

#1) do pegs make smaller axles bend like platforms do?

#2) what did you learn on, and how easy was it? (platforms or pegs)

#3) are them “BCunis” (BC wheels with a frame) easier to ride than regular ones?

#1, Ive put a heck-of-a-lot stress on the pegs on my bike and the axle hasn’t bent so i dont think itll bend with the pegs

#2, I still cant ride yet, but I tried the pegs and was completely unsucesful, just slilpping off when i jumped on. I made wooden platforms that borke after 10 minutes, but I atleast made 15 on them in those 10 minutes. Im gonna say platforms definetly

#3, I BCuni sounds sorda rediculous, i can see a handlebar BCuni but otherwise its just a freewheeling uni.


the BCuni evan made is alot harder than a normal bc wheel. If someone makes one do it with platforms and try to get the frame to move independently fromt the platforms, then it will be awesome.

if you made a BCuni with a brake, i’d be cool, and you wouldnt have to mess around with extra wheels for when you fall off the regular BC. I think i’ll try the BCuni, and a BC with pegs.

i hear pegs on BC wheels rotate or turn… is this true? do they rotate off the wheel and unscrew themselves?

I dont know if they unscrew themselves but they spin under your feet and throw you off. If you get pegs make sure you have shoes with an arch not like flat skating shoes or you will roll right off.

ok… then one of those questions is answered. platforms are betterer. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have that shoe. and some reboks that have tis really wierd square arch… will those work?

I have never tried a pegged bc with arched shoes but i have slidden off the top with flat shoes so its just an idea but it seems like if you have any arch it will be easier because you will kind of be locked in and wont slide back off so the peg has a place to go and it wont slide as easliy.